Monday, October 1, 2007

Salmon I: Half-dried Salmon

Salmon and moose meat are staples in the Athabascan Indians’ diet, thus I grew up eating a lot of salmon. There are many ways to preserve salmon so that you can eat it all year long. For example you can make salmon strips, canned salmon, frozen salmon, and pickled salmon. My favorite is half-dried salmon, where the fish is dried in a smokehouse until it is “half” done. This means it has a slightly chewy, smoky flavor.

I am only lucky enough to occasionally have this special dish when I visit home. Earlier in September, when I was in Alaska, my grandmother cooked up a plate of half-dried for dinner. If you are ever offered a chance to taste this delicacy, take it – you will not regret it.

photo credit: Carol Ann Woody (half-dried hanging in a smokehouse), CNC (plate of cooked half-dried) 09.10.07

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Brandy said...

Yummy Yummy! Lisa gave me a jar of Half dried from her family's fish camp at Bishop Rock. I had to go native all the way she said and gave me Pilot Bread to eat it with : ) I didn't see any Pilot Bread on your plate.
I am traveling for x-mas Dec 23-Jan 5. probably not matching with your travel schedule up to AK.
Miss you,