Sunday, October 14, 2007

Being Green: PVC Free Shower Curtains

Honestly, I have never thought much about my shower curtain. I had a blue striped linen shower curtain with a plastic liner that I used for 4 years. My old apartment grew mold like it was its job. So I probably changed the liner 3-4 times a year. Then I stumbled upon a post at Apartment Therapy SF about the oh-so-bad-for-the-environment PVC vinyl shower curtain. I was spending ~30$/year on something that was harming the environment!

I recently moved and found myself on the market for a new shower curtain. I pledged to find something more recyclable than PVC and that would last much longer. Nylon or hemp shower curtains seem to be the only options. Nylon dries fast and is easy to throw into the washer. Hemp is difficult to keep clean and easily grows mold. There are clearly cons with both products; Hemp has a classic, sophisticated look while the nylon options are generally more modern and colorful.

After scouring the internet for natural shower curtains TEB and I finally decided on the graphic designs from Plush Living, which fit well into our mid-century modern design style. The orange strip on the bottom sold me right away. The switch from PVC might take some time but check out these great options below.

NON-PVC Shower Curtains:

1. IKEA PEVA shower curtains - cheap and colorful
2. SMART shower curtains - kid-friendly and fun
3. Restoration Hardware shower curtain - neutral white and makes a good liner

4. Plush Living shower curtains - modern, graphic and bright
also sold at Sprout Home

5. Hemp shower curtains - elegant


gotomakan said...

Haha, Elena uses hemp inserts in her cloth diapers, they absorb very well. How does it work as a shower curtain?

CNC said...

way to go G & T for turning Elena green! I have never heard of hemp inserts in diapers but then again i don't have kids so that does not explain much. My guess is that the hemp shower curtain probably absorbs a lot of the dampness in the bathroom which would cause it to mold thus making it hard to clean. It would not be my first choice.