Sunday, February 24, 2008

Be Informed: VOTE

Wondering how your opinions on key issues line up with the opinions of the candidates for U.S. president? Answer questions on GlassBooth and they show you in a nice comparison table for the candidate that best matches your opinions.

No matter how hard I try there is always an issue I need to know more about, this website helps. Do some fact
checking here.

Did you miss viewing any of the debates or do you not have a TV (I don't)...view any debate again at You Decide 2008.

Side Note: Political Fashion ?!?
Apartment Therapy pointed out that at the Democratic debate in Austin, TX, the candidates sat in these Eames chairs:Looking for some political paraphernalia? Check out CafePress, found via The Kitchn. They have aprons with logos for every candidate. I sport the Obama one when I'm in the kitchen.

photo credit: backwards vote sign Dean Terry

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