Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Alaska: You Know Your from Fairbanks when...

You have seen those chain emails that end up in your inbox on a daily basis. Well, this one showed up and it was too funny not to share here, especially since Alaska is my theme this week.
- the 365 mile drive to Anchorage can be a weekend trip
- the Big Dipper isn't just a constellation
- you know that Hot Licks isn't the name of a porno
- you know the Knotty Shop isn't a sex store
- you think that ten below just really isn't that cold at all
- the teachers have to tell the kids to keep their coats on
when its zero degrees out
- you remember having to watch out for moose on your way
to the school bus stop
- lower-48-ers look at you funny for saying snowmachine
instead of snowmobile
- when formal attire consists of carharts and bunny boots
- you think fireworks only happen at 40 below in January
and never on the 4th of July...
- you went to the Ice Park for the twirly ice orbs
- you think of Chena Hot Springs as a resort destination
- you know what a Nanook is
- "Breakup" is a season, not something you do
with your boyfriend

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