Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Inspiration: Earth Day 2008

Happy day-after-earth-day! I am a little late. I know. Yesterday I thought a lot about how I have changed my life in the hopes that my small changes will yield a much bigger global change. Probably the largest change has been to eliminate paper towels from our house. It turned out much easier than I thought it would be and there have been very few times when I've wished that I could reach for a paper towel. In fact, the only time I think that I need one is when I blot grease from bacon or italian sausage. I don't cook with meat very often so that means I think about it only once per month, on average. This change means that I've stocked up on dish towels, heavy bar dish cloths, and cloth napkins. I keep old clothing cut up as rags under the sink for the really large messes.

Dish towels: Bamboo Flour Sack Dish Towel;Utensils and Tea Cups kitchen towels;Cupcake Towel;Marimekko Appelsiini Tea Towel;Red Dotty Tea Towels;PataPri kitchen towels
Cloth Napkins: Lotta Jansdotter tang napkin;Scarlet Marigold Napkins (top right);Balinese Cotton Napkins (bottom right)
photo credit: Earth Day by Michelle TX

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