Sunday, June 15, 2008

US Open 2008 Torrey Pines: TIGER!

I had an amazing day this Sunday. I went to the beach to relax for the first time this summer and we went to check out the US Open 2008 Championship day. Sure, we did not buy tickets but TEB's office is right in front of the 10th hole and he had scoped out a route that would allow us to also see players as they tee off from the 11th hole.

I saw Tiger Woods, and a number of other fantastic players, putt from the green on the 10th hole and the entire play on the 11th hole. Tiger, as one of the leaders this morning, was in the last group to tee off this afternoon. I saw less than 100 yards from Tiger at the start of the 11th hole. We raced home after Tiger left the 11th hole to watch him play the rest of the back 9. It was so worth it and I'm not even a fan of golf. I will be there tomorrow to root Tiger on at the 10th and 11th holes at the Torrey Pines Golf Course. Check out Tiger's final putt on the 18th hole, picture above from the New York Times here.

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