Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ph.D. Trip: New Zealand

I spent the first four years of my tenure in San Diego living with my friend and roommate, LMD. For years we have talked about taking a trip to New Zealand as a reward for finishing graduate school. The time has come. I defended my dissertation in May and LMD is planning on defending hers around that time in 2009. So we split the difference and decided that in January we would embark on an overseas adventure. To our dismay we discovered that tickets to New Zealand have doubled since we last looked 6 months ago. Now we have to move onto a plan B...where to next!?! Any suggestions? photo credit: Hot Springs Rotorua, New Zealand by Iu G; Falls Creek Waterfall, Fiordland, New Zealand by Mike O'C's


eMpTy said...


1. English is the official language.
2. It is closer (less of a carbon footprint).
3. Airfare is cheapish (at least compared to Europe and New Zealand).
4. You can enjoy the rain forest AND incredible coral reefs.
5. Mayan culture...

eMpTy said...

oh, also check out this excellent travel resource:

another idea is going to Turks and Caicos in the British West Indies.