Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fiber Arts: Pintuck Duvet

First there was the Anthropologie kissing-pleat duvet, which has a big price, and now West Elm has a much more affordable and organic pintuck duvet. But what about making your own?

I often see white comforter protectors at discount stores. They are made of soft cotton, can be zipped around whatever comforter you have, and are in my price point of ~20$. If you purchase a cover that is a little larger than your comforter then I don't see why you cannot follow MS Living's instructions on how to create a pintuck pillow on a much larger scale.

Am I crazy? See, this is what happens when I buy the MS Living mag.

photo credit: page from September 2008 MS Living mag; anthropologie kissing-pleat duvet image from the Scoop

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gotomakan said...

I love West Elm, and MS. They make me crazy though because I wish I was that crafty. I'm in the process of trying to replicate something I saw on the WE website, I'll have to send you pics when I'm done. :-)

Cayenne said...

I would love to see some pictures of your craftiness!

iris said...

Ah...I'd been considering reproducing the pin-tuck duvet myself, but decided instead to do my own version of a Sanford & Burrows cover + shams.

Now I want something to pin-tuck-ify, lol.

Trissta said...

Hey! Loved your post! I have posted my pin-tucked duvet cover on my blog,, and I mentioned your post! Thanks for the help and inspiration!