Thursday, September 4, 2008

Moab, UT: Moab Music Festival

Saturday evening we went to the Moab Music Festival. It was threatening to thunderstorm and the lighting was creating fanciful creases in the sky every few minutes. The program for the evening featured Buenos Aires Now: Tango After Piazzola. I have very little exposure to tango music and did not even know who Piazzola was but the show was so inspiring that I am seriously thinking about picking up the violin again. Just for fun, mind you, not because I think that would play anything similar to the show that went on Saturday.

One of my favorite pieces was by Fernando Otero called Milonga10. I was unable to find a recording of it but here El Circulo Rojo (The Red Circle). According to the program, Otero has composed for the Kronos Quartet whose style very much meshes with Otero's own, more modern take on the classic tango.

photo credit: The Moab Music Festival website


gotomakan said...

Dude, Moab is not far from here! I wish I would have known you were there, I woulda made a little jaunt over there!

Cayenne said...

really, i had no idea!?! I wish that I had touched base with you before heading out there.