Wednesday, October 1, 2008

About Me: Everything is Broken

I am sorry for the silence around here on Cayenne & Carob. My vacation last week was amazing and I will have posts coming up on Northern California and Lake Tahoe. I also celebrated a big birthday last weekend...turned 29 for the second time!

Since then everything has fallen apart, including my computer so there will be no posts until I get it back. My hard drive failing on my computer was the 3rd thing in a string of "broken" events. First, I got a migraine Monday evening and I could not even see straight. Then TEB sat down on the couch and the frame broke.

The next morning my hard drive failed and I had to spend several hours at the MAC Genius Bar. After that stressful morning I stopped by campus to get some boba (garanteed to make me feel better) and my amazing travel coffee cup's handle broke. I am h oping to have all these broken things fixed by this weekend. Till then have a great week!

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