Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Birthday Roadtrip Part I: Santa Monica

In celebration of TEB's birthday we took a California road trip with his parents. Road tripping can be a little stressful but we had a fantastic time. Our first stop was in Santa Monica to meet up with TEB's parents, who had arrived a few days earlier to take advantage of the LA sun before we headed north.

We were in Santa Monica just a night but we managed to eat a yummy fish dinner at Reel Inn in Malibu. In the morning TEB and I biked all the way to Venice Beach on some old beach cruisers. If I did not live up a big hill from the beach, I would get one of these. After a relaxing breakfast at the Channel Road Inn, we hit the road for our 8 hour drive north.

photo credit: Postcards from Southern California #3 by Auntie K;

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