Monday, October 6, 2008

A New Week

I finally feel as though my life is a little bit more organized. I was able to get my computer in good working order after its trip to the genius bar. Our home office is organized and actually a room you might want to enter. If only I did not have to jump on a plane Wednesday afternoon, I might be able to relax.

That is not my office pictured above but I do like the red metal "Emile" chair from Anthropologie. I hope to be posting pictures soon of the double desk and outdoor gear wall we created in our extra bedroom. At the moment, despite being recently cleaned, the floor is covered in all the loads of dirty laundry.

photo credit: pictures can found here on the Domino Mag website (October 2007 issue)

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ys said...

Congrats on organizing your home office -- wish I were there to see it!