Monday, November 3, 2008

Alaska Native: Right to Vote 1956

Are you thinking, "did she really say 1956?" Yup, I did. I was reminded by Alaska Real written by Writing Raven about these astonishing facts:
"First democratically elected leader of this country: 1789
Black men gained right to vote: 1870 (though some years before this was a reality, not just law)
Most women gained right to vote: 1920
Native people gain citizenship (not right to vote): 1924
All Native people gain right to vote (at least in New Mexico and Arizona): 1947
Native people can vote in Alaska without provisions (literacy tests, giving up culture): 1956"

The picture above is of my grandmother (right), her good friend, and her sister. In 1956 my father was 10 years old. My grandmother would have remembered what it was like to not be able to vote, which is why I have her picture above.

photo credit:
Nulato Elder Singers by Beverly

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