Friday, November 7, 2008

Las Vegas, NV: Poll Watching and Canvassing

TEB and I felt the need to do something on election day (that is us above waiting for the results at the Rio Casino). On Monday afternoon four of us piled in my Subaru and drive the 5 hours to Las Vegas. We met for a poll watcher and canvassing training that evening and then went straight to our hotel to get organized for the following day. Everything becomes a blur at this point because I got no sleep - probably mostly from election insomnia but the super sweaky, spring-in-your-back-bed definitely did not help.

Finally, we all got up at 5 am, turned on CNN and got ready to head to our polling precinct stations around 6:30p. The poll watching was uneventful but served its purpose of making us feel useful and prevented me from checking the internet for result speculations.

In the afternoon we went canvassing in a local neighborhood. The good news at this point was that most of the people on our Democratic's Voting for Obama list, had already voted. I do think that we reminded a few people to get to the polls as the evening hour crept closer to poll closing time, 7pm. We checked on a nearby voting location to make sure there was not a line. Things seemed pretty quiet, as they were most of the day. I think the majority of voters had done early voting or had waited in lines in the early morning.

At this point we had been going straight for about 14 hours but we raced down to the RIO Casino where the Nevada Democratic Party was congregating to watch the results come it. This quite possibly made the whole trip worth it. We were in a huge room with thousands of people who had spent weeks, or even months, working on getting out the vote for Obama in Nevada. Though we were only there for one day, I still felt a big part of this energy that turned Nevada BLUE!
photo credit: HN 11.04.08

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