Monday, December 8, 2008

Cayenne's Holiday Wish List: #1 Wiksten's Holiday Shop

My holiday wish list items are in no particular order. Having never made a formal list before I am hoping this will be helpful, even if it only serves as a reminder of christmases past. The practical side of me always comes out when family asks me what I want for the holidays. Socks or underwear generally come up first because I don't think those items are fun to shop for and thus I don't do it very often. These are not fun gifts and with the current economic atmosphere I think going for the FUN gifts might just be the boost everyone needs. I am trying to keep this in mind for my gift-giving this year too.

Cayenne's Holiday Wish List: #1 Wiksten's Holiday Shop
I have had my eye on the woven Scandinavian floral-design scarf made with 100% cotton by Christy Berry. The blue and white scarf is featured in the
Wiksten Holiday Shop set to be open online Dec. 10th. I wanna know - What about those fingerless gloves with the long cuff that goes up the forearm?!? In my experience Wiksten items go fast, as in I have never been able to get one. Part of the reason, I believe is the time difference for those of us on the west coast.

You can see the floral-design up close in the same scarf in yellow, from the fall 2008 collection. I tried to buy this for myself as a birthday present but they were all sold within the hour.
photo credit: scarf photos from the Wiksten website


Cayenne said...

Don't forget today at noon (CST) the Wiksten Holiday Shop opens!

I found out, by reading the comments on the Wiksten blog, that the fingerless gloves were purchased at Whole Foods.

Cayenne said...

I just checked and the shop it open.

unfortunately, the scandinavian scarf for the winter 2008 collection is made with wool and cotton (unlike the 100% cotton yellow scarf from the fall 2008 collection).

Due to my wool allergy even the tiniest bit of alpaca won't do. I am back to ZERO items on my holiday list.