Wednesday, January 14, 2009

{UPDATE} San Diego: Pearl Hotel's Dive-In Theater

The atmosphere was inviting, modern, and used light to its advantage. The lounge/restaurant seating was intimate and perfect for small groups. We had a view of the outdoor movie screen through the glass doors. I would imagine that during better weather, when you could actually have the doors open, the atmosphere would be entirely different.

I had the Pearl Plum Collins. ANA had the Marie Antoinette which she said was tasty. Our table started with the scallops for an appetizer. The thick medallions were drizzled with garlic sauce and they melted in your mouth. The menu claimed that The Pearl has the "best burger in town". We could not resist that challenge and 3 burgers were ordered at our table. No false advertising here; the burger was FANTASTIC!

I had the mushroom risotto, which was also unbelievable good. The risotto had a soft texture, yet not mushy. Surprisingly spicy I thought this dish would have been great as a small side but was too rich for an entire entree.

We had come to watch Tootsie but were distracted by the food. Not necessarily a bad thing. Since it was raining the restaurant glass doors were closed but they had decent indoor speakers, though the sound could have been louder. Rain or shine you can keep The Pearl Hotel's Dive-in Theater on your list of midweek social events. I am eying Tacorita Tuesdays for my next visit.

Everyone noticed the light fixture (coral pendant) from DWR that illuminated the outside stairway to the second floor hotel rooms. Before leaving we were able to take a tour of the rooms. They were modern but cozy and reasonably priced. The attention to detail was apparent from the unique bathroom sinks to the beta fish bowls in each hotel room. The Pearl Hotel really is a hidden gem in an unlikely part of town that evokes the hipster stylings of more northwest cities, like Portland or Seattle.

photo credit: the pearl hotel website

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