Monday, March 9, 2009

Chile: The Route

On February 1st, I embarked on a 3-week trip to Chile, followed by a week stop in Panama City, Panama. I had been hoping to blog as we went along but the internet in most hostels was terribly slow and we just did not have the time to spend longer stretches of time in internet cafes. So I am going to share my experiences in Chile with you this month. I suspect that the recipe/food posting, unless it relates to Chile, will be minimal.

The Route:

Week 1: Pucon, Chile - Central Chile in the Lakes District
Week 2: Navimag Ferry - started from Puerto Montt in central Chile and traveled through the Patagonian Fjords to southern Chile
Week 3: Torres del Paine Park - Hiked the "W", traveled into the Tierra del Fuego region to the town of Punta Arenas to see penguins!
Week 4: Panama City, Panama - seafood, carnival, the canal, the rainforest, reading, and relaxing.

photo credit: map of chile (click to enlarge) from ChileDiscover

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