Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fresh Cheesy Bread

My smorbrod lunches and dinners just got better, if that is even possible. TEB has been working on perfecting his bread machine baking skills. The new bread machine was acquired while I was in Chile. There has been some terrible, almost inedible batches of bread but after buckling down and buying gluten things got a whole lot tastier. Pictured above is cheesy bread with our spread of smorbrod fixings.
Close up of the delicious cheesy bread.
I'm stacking it up with salami, tomatoes, and baby dill pickles.

We are using the West Bend 41200 Programable Breach Machine. I'll be posting recipes as soon as we get a chance to make a few more tweaks to the recipes.

photo credit: Cayenne 03.03.09

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