Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fairbanks, AK: Combating Super Dry Air

I think I have mentioned here before that Alaska is a cold desert. The air is extremely dry. If you don't put lotion on every day, you will after only a few days in the frozen north. Having dry, cracking lips is quite possible the worst but I found that Kiehl's #1 Lip Balm fixes them right up.I have been a devoted user of Neutrogena hand lotion since high school. It is good for hands that get a lot of washing, so it really helps my laboratory-stress hands. I even like the new formula Neutrogena Norwegian Formal Fast Absorbing Hand Lotion (mentioned before here). I use the original formula for camping because it has NO smell, i.e. does not attact bugs, and you can use it both as general lotion and lip balm.
I'm still working on what to do for my dry-itching arms and legs. Suggestions?

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