Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick Dinner: Steamed Artichokes

My childhood friend's dad gave me some tips on cooking artichokes when I was up in Alaska. Artichokes were in season in May so I went directly to the local Fred Meyers to pick up some of these large green domes. First I picked out 2 fresh green stocks. At home I took some kitchen scissors and cut the pointy tips off before slices them in half length-wise. I laid these face up on a steaming platform in a shallow wide pan that had a lid.
Bring the water to a boil and added big dollops of salted butter. I skimped on the butter and ended up adding another round similar to that pictured above, near the end of the cooking process. Then you cover these pretty ladies, turn down the heat, and let them steam for about 50 minutes. Once the leaves come off with a gentle tug, dinner is served. Add a big garden salad and you have one easy quick dinner, plus lunch for the next day.

photo credit: Cayenne 05.25.09

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