Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend: Garage Sale-ing Treasures

Garage saling is in my genes! My mom is an expert saler and so are my aunties. I went out to a few neighborhood sales every saturday morning while I was in Alaska. Only for an hour or so each week but after 3 weekends I found the perfect vintage espresso maker. This shiny thing cost me only a 1.50$ and now we don't have to lug our Bialetti with us when we visit.

I passed up the old trunk below because I was too lazy to ask the price. I regret that now because it would have been the perfect dress-up trunk for the stash of 0.25$ princess dresses I snagged for my niece the following weekend.
Garage sales are the best right when they open. The good stuff goes fast. I am not an experienced garage saler in San Diego but my guess that La Jolla (my own neighborhood) is a great place to start. See this weekend's craigslist for your closest treasure trove.

photo credit: Cayenne


gotomakan said...

I love garage saling and craigslist too! It's hard to get Elena fed/dressed/ready and out of the house to be the early bird getting the worm at garage sales, though. Most of ours in Montrose start at 7am on Fridays, is it like that in CA too?

Cayenne said...

getting to garage sales early is HARD, even for me and I don't even have a kid. Mia likes to get up early so I think she has the easiest time out of all of us :-)