Friday, July 3, 2009

Radish and Butter Open-Faced Sandwich

I had a radish and butter open-faced sandwich this morning. Why? It all started when I asked my mom what to do with the pile radishes that were coming in our bi-weekly CSA box (thanks to J.R. Organics). She answered, "radish and butter sandwiches are delicious, one of my childhood classics." "Really", I asked with curled lip of bemusement. This morning, upon finding a loaf of day-old but freshly baked bread and a recent delivery of CSA bunch of radishes, I tried out her recipe:
Turns out blog-world also loves the radish 'n butter sandwich: MOG (pictured below), The Kitchn, and Mark Bittman "Bitten" NYtimes are a few examples.

photo credit: Cayenne 07.03.09 (sorry for bad lighting I'm using an unfamiliar camera); radish and butter pic from {frolic!}

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