Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Serrano Peppers: Preserving Options

Remember our serrano pepper plant? Well, I've waited long enough to harvest the serranos that now they are turning red! Now the question is what am I going to do with all these peppers (~15).

These little guys are spicy and I clearly need to preserve them all for use later. I read online that they do not freeze well due to how fleshy they are. My friend NA suggested making jam. The whole canning process scares me a little bit so I was thinking of making chutney and then freezing it.
I am considering Jamie Oliver's cheeky chili-pepper chutney, specifically this modified, and simplified, version from Joanna's Food looks like something I can tackle on a weekend. My goal this week is to find canning jars. Looks like I get a trip to my favorite organizing store.

photo credit: Cayenne 08.18.09

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