Monday, November 9, 2009

Wake-up: Under-the-weather in Fairbanks, AK

Hello Friends! I had to take a last minute trip north to Alaska last Wednesday. Then I got really sick (no I don't think it was swine flu but I had a fever of 102). I am only now feeling well enough to read my inbox and pop over here to let you know why I did not post Sunday Supper yesterday. I spent most of Sunday sleeping.

TEB, MIA and mom drove out to the Knotty Shop for ice cream and shopping. Grandma and Jimmie even came over for dinner and I slept through it all. I woke up to head over to my sister's house, help TEB put MIA to bed and watch a little TV. I have been using my natural medicine cabinet and feel so much better today. Sunday Supper will be back next week.

photo credit: Winter warmers by H is for Home

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