Monday, January 25, 2010

Wake-up: Officially Unplugged

Before I moved to Juneau it never occurred to me that I should worry or plan to be in a situation without internet. I thought of all kinds of other things like the fact that there is no clothing stores in town but I'm use to that from my Fairbanks days. After living here for 1.5 weeks I have to now accept the fact that I don't have internet unless on the weekend I hit the library from 12-5p or I somehow miraculously get moving early enough to go to Silverbow Bakery and Inn for breakfast and internet.

All this makes planning things and working infinitely more difficult. Being this unplugged is very annoying and makes me sad. Not only did I move away from my friends in San Diego but I now have trouble keeping in touch with them and blogging is down to a bare minimum. I'll be back next weekend with an update.

photo credit:
power hungry from t-squared

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