Friday, February 26, 2010

Juneau, AK: Silverbow Bakery and Cafe

One of my favorite weekend spots is Silverbow. They are the only place downtown, besides the library, that has wireless internet so you can imagine that I spent a good amount of time there when I first arrived in Juneau. Silverbow is a little bit of everything:
- Tuesday and Wednesdays they show movies for free.
- They sell bagels, obviously.
- They also sell homemade bread, soup, cookies, and sandwiches.
- They are a hotel with a hot tub.
- They host art shows on 1st Friday and other random receptions.

Only 2 blocks from the capitol building this place is even convenient as a lunch spot. I'll order my usual please - cup of warm soup with an everything bagel, toasted with butter.

photo credit: Cayenne 01.31.10

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