Monday, February 1, 2010

Wake-up: On my walk to work...

I am lucky enough to be able to continue my eco-friendly commute that I enjoyed in San Diego, here in Juneau, AK. One of my favorite things about downtown Juneau is that it butts right up against the Tongass National Forest, meaning that houses only sit about 1 block high on the mountain (also for the reason that it is too steep to build higher). Think San Francisco but way smaller and at the base of Mount Juneau. Top left pic shows the view from my entryway porch and top right is looking north on South Franklin Street directly in front of my apartment.

I live a short 7 block walk from my office at the capitol building. Bottom left is the looking back at where the houses ascend up Mount Juneau. Bottom right is the view north just 2 blocks from the Capital building outside my favorite morning coffee stop, Pie in the Sky.

photo credit: Cayenne 01.31.19

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