Sunday, March 21, 2010

Los Angeles: Diddy Riese Cookies (Westwood)

Diddy Riese in the Westwood area of LA is one of those craving-filling-must-stops if you are ever in the area. LMD and I have stopped there a number of times after a delicious dinner at Native Foods a few blocks away. Why not have a tasty vegan meal and then go get the real dairy - good thing San Diego is only a 3 hour drive away.

I had my first Diddy Riese ice cream cookie sandwich some 10 years ago, though the establishment has been round since 1983. I hear their specialty was just 50 cents back then. Inflation has the cost at about 2$ but still a great deal and well worth a visit.

Congrats to EM who will be moving to LA in the summer! I cannot wait to come visit and of course go get one of these cookie/ice cream monstrosities in Westwood.

Check out the yelp reviews for Diddy Riese and Native Foods.

photo credit: Cayenne 07.08.09

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