Monday, April 5, 2010

Wake-up: Juneau Wild Oven Bread Share

With just 13 days left in the 2010 Legislative Session, I will be leaving Juneau not long after the gavel is dropped. One of things that I will miss about Juneau is the Wild Oven Breadshare. My roommate and I have been getting a freshly baked loaf of bread each Saturday and it totally makes my entire week. The bread is hardy, none of that cardboard tasteless white stuff, and is as fresh as can be.

If you sign up and pay your dues then each week you can pick your bread (after 3p on Saturday) in the lobby of the Rainbow People Food Store. No worries if you forget on Saturday, I am sure it will still be there on Sunday. I know from experience on this one.

The Wild Oven owner and baker has made some changes to the breadshare for the spring/summer season. The changes offer greater flexibility and I hope it convinces you that you NEED to eating Wild Oven fresh bread. Now you can order online, can skip weeks, can order up to 3 loaves/wk, and there are three bread choices per week.

The Wild Oven breadshare starts Saturday, April 17th. You must purchase 10 loaves to reserve your share at just $6 per loaf.

Soon you will be able to sign up here on the Wild Oven "under construction" website. In the meantime keep track of them on Facebook, Wild Oven. For more info contact the Wild oven baker at

photo credit: Cayenne

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