Saturday, September 29, 2007

Baked Figs

Figs are in season here in southern California. I recently got the courage to buy a package at my local Trader Joe's. A fortuitous posting that same week by Adam, from The Amateur Gourmet, will keep me a fig buyer for years to come. We made these tasty treats with TEB’s parents last weekend and they were a hit. I adjusted the recipe a bit to account for the fact that we were only baking 4 figs. I try to eat lactose free so we had our figs with Soy Delicious Vanilla “ice cream.” Click over to The Amateur Gourmet to see the full recipe and a gorgeous photo of what your baked figs will look like.

photo credit: Matka_wariatka

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Justin said...

Only hippies eat figs, Nikoosh....