Sunday, October 28, 2007

Inspiration: Graphic Dots on Dishware

I have been obsessed with graphic polka dots lately. I first bought a light blue pasta strainer with dark blue dots. Then I started eying dotted dishware. The whole thing just kinda snuck up on me. I purchased the inexpensive Ikea black and white dotted dishware pictured below and then I found the work of designer Stig Lindberg. He was a Swedish Designer who worked for the Gustavsberg Company in the 1950s. His work has a timeless quality and of course some of it features dots. You can find his pottery on Ebay and Just Scandinavian. When I do get some of his work it will have to be an investment. Until then I have found 2 other options.

Check out the Paula Espresso cups and saucers made by Bodum USA. A set of six cups are on Amazon for only $29.99. The Ikea SYNTES KONST bowls are a steal for a set of two at just $3.99.
photo credit: Stig Lindberg, Paula cups from Blueprint magazine, and Syntes Konst from Ikea website.

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