Friday, October 26, 2007

Inspiration: Nelson Lamps

Today is a lazy Friday. I have been working hard all week despite the fact that school and lab closed down because of the poor air quality in our area. I am sitting at a new-to-me cafe in La Jolla called The Brick and Bell Cafe (corner of Girard and Silverado). It has an European vibe and good outdoor seating. Next time I will try their home-baked croissants and pastries. Today I just had a simple bagel with cream cheese and tomato.

My only gripe is that my macbookpro does not connect to their wireless. Oh and a bird just pooped on my computer and my head but I don't think that at all reflects on the quality of the establishment. The internet connection issue is a well documented problem. The new macbooks don't connect to old wireless systems. Unfortunately, my favorite working coffeeshop, Cappy's in PB, has the same problem.

I leave you with some Nelson bubble lamps as inspiration for the weekend. We have the saucer lamp over our dining room table and the shape mimics that of our Jarrahdale pumpkin. The pear bubble lamp reminds me of a butternut squash.

photo credit: Blueprint magazine

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