Monday, November 12, 2007

Procrastination: StumbleUpon

Have you ever had the feeling that there was nothing more to look at on the internet? I used to feel that way before I discovered blogs. There are millions of talented writers out there sharing their knowledge of food, crafts, or whatever comes to mind. I just found StumbleUpon that makes web browsing more of a surprise. It is almost like getting snail mail, which is one of my favorite treats. Now you can stumble when you have a free moment.

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eMpTy said...

oh, StumbleUpon is good. but i like reddit. it is a real procrastination tool. but i did notice that when i looked at reddit everyday, i was aware of all the viral internet stories before most and i actually knew the main points of the news without subjecting myself to the actual news.

oh, and as an FYI... i know that many people prefer Fark for this purpose as well, but i haven't really explored it too much.