Friday, November 16, 2007

Relaxation: Steel Tub

I am off to Seattle and Orcas Island (San Juan Islands, WA) for a long weekend. This is my third trip up with TEB to his parent’s house on the island There is only one visible neighbor and the house breathes peacefully on the tippy top of an unnamed mountain. This image from TOAST, UK, captures some of the tranquility that exists when we go out to Orcas. The rustic fireplace, with its dancing shadows, reminds me of the Orcas house. The tub is probably the biggest steel bathtub I’ve seen. Oh, how my sister and I would have loved to take a bath in that when we lived in the village with no running water. We squished in a much smaller 3-foot circular steel tub to wash off the caked mud from our summer adventures with our cousins in the woods surrounding the village of Tanana, AK.

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