Sunday, December 16, 2007


The weekend before last we were fortunate enough to be watching a cute little pug puppy named fufu AND to embark on a snow adventure with my close friend EM, her bf B, and her friend HV. Early Saturday morning we drove out to Alpine, CA, east of San Diego, picked up some sleds at a random hardware store and set out for the mountains. B had lived in San Diego much longer than the rest of us so he was tuned to the weather and knew where the good snow for sledding would be. He led us to a goldmine of snow and sledding fun. We managed to destroy 2 of the sleds and build a ewok-looking squat snowman.
We even followed some walking and skiing trails away from the tons of people sledding and/or piling snow high in the back of their pickup trucks to drive back to SD. Such an act will apparently get you lots of attention when you drive into one of the beach communities with a load of melting snow. I would like to point out that I only saw boys keen on bring a load of snow back to town. We took the long way back home and stopped at a dinner on Cuyamaca Lake and then to buy a homemade apple and boysenberry pie at Mom's Pie Shop in Julian. It took 2 days for all our gear to dry out but it was worth it. The next time I go sledding will be with my niece in Fairbanks, Alaska on Christmas day!

photo credit: EM 12.8.07