Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chocolate for the Chocolate Naysayers

It was probably clear from my Mexican Hot Carob post that I am not all that fond of chocolate. I certainly don’t crave it or have a stash of it in the pantry. I really think it is best as a hair color. My previous roommate and good friend LMD loved the dark stuff. Through her, I grew to appreciate the many faces of chocolate. I will still pass on a piece of chocolate cake but I will nibble on a piece of good dark chocolate every once in a while. I have a few favorites that I wanted to share with you. My chocolate choosing skills are based mainly on looks, at least for the initial purchase. I use a similar system for picking out wine. I check the label: is it unfussy, is the typeface attractive…clean and modern is what I normally look for.

Moonstruck Chocolate is based out of Portland, Oregan and they are now opening small shops to sell their delicious goods. You can find moonstruck chocolate at high-end grocery stores like Bristol Farms and Whole Foods. The Mayan Chocolate bar is my favorite. Dagoba Organic Chocolate Lavendar and Blueberry is my favorite and the Xocolatl bar with chilis has an interesting flavor that might not suit everyone's palate.
photo credit: moonstruck TEB 04.15.07; dagoba from

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