Friday, January 25, 2008

About Me: I Hate Cilantro

Cilantro (AKA: Coriander)
I despise cilantro. I don't like it cooked, dried or as a garnish. I would be perfectly happy if it disappeared off the face of the earth. My mother never cooked with the stuff. It wasn't until my early twenties when I moved to Washington, DC that I figured out that this leafy, green was what made me avoid my aunt's posole soup. Everyone else loved it when she would make a big pot and have everyone over to her cabin on the river. I remember picking out the hominy thinking the strange large corn-like kernels must the problem - NO, it was the cilantro.

I go to restaurants and tell the waiter that I am allergic just so no stray pieces end up on the end of my plate. Just a few sprigs can contaminate an entire meal for me. Others describe the taste as soapy or like a gym locker. For me personally the taste is neither of those but is so incredibly strong that it overpowers any other flavor that might be in a dish.

If you hate cilantro too, check out to know you are not alone.

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