Sunday, January 27, 2008

SD Eating: Russian Georgian Pomegranate

On a recommendation from a friend we went to a fantastic Russian Georgian restaurant before heading to Cygnet and the San Diego Black Ensemble's production of August Wilson's play Fences. TEB and I threw the evening together just that morning. It was spur of the moment and just the special something we needed for TEB's mom, TAB, who was visiting us for the weekend. Pomegranate has the most intimate, in a non-stuffy way, atmosphere that I've seen in San Diego. Somehow it is perfected both for a date or for 15 of your closest friends. The food is unbelievably good, though I was surprised to find cilantro on our vegetable stew. The portions are on the large side and are perfect for sharing.

We ordered the
khinkali or Peasant-style meat dumplings, russian potato salad, vegan borscht, and chicken shashlik. The borscht and khinkali both has cilantro in them but I did taste both and they were delicious. We could not resist ordering the chicken Shashlik based solely on the fact that it is only made Friday and Saturday nights. It was probably the juiciest chicken and most flavorful grilled chicken that I have never had. I loved the polmogranite sauce that they poured over it as they served it to our table. It is essential that you make a reservation and get yourself to this gastronomical gem soon.

photo credit: flickr member ashi

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