Saturday, February 2, 2008

Breakfast: Egg Scramble in Corn Tortillas

Remember I said you could eat the vegetarian tacos for a week. When you have exhausted your dinner options with the nachos and soft taco wraps, break out the corn tortillas for this easy breakfast.

Egg Scramble in Corn Tortillas
Whip a few eggs with a fork until fully combined. Add ~4 tbsp left-over taco "meat", cayenne pepper, chopped green onion, and some freshly ground pepper. Grate some jalapeƱo pepper jack cheese or sharp chedder and put to the side. Cook the egg scramble to your preferable egg-doneness and transfer to a bowl.

Have all your ingredients ready to go prior to putting the first pat of butter and tortilla in your cast iron skillet. Lightly butter one side of a tortilla. Melt a bit of butter in a skillet and throw in the tortilla with the buttered side up. Lightly brown one side and flip. Immediately layer cheese, egg scramble, and more cheese. Watch closely because this part only takes ~30 seconds. Fold tortilla in half so it looks more like a taco.

Transfer to a plate and continue with more tortillas until egg scramble is gone. For every egg you get ~2 tortillas, depending on how much you pack in each one.

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