Thursday, February 7, 2008

Obsessed: Scrabble

I love scrabble. There was a time when my good friend and old roommate, LMD, and I would "go out" on Friday night to a local coffee shop and play scrabble. We no longer live together but we can still play scrabble on Facebook's Scrabulous. It turns out that my mom, GFC, also loves scrabble. She has Super Scrabble at her house in the AK. Below is our board from my visit over the holidays. Super Scrabble is great for a larger crowd. They have tripled the number of tiles, made the board larger, and added things like quadruple word scores!
Frustrated? Try eating your scrabble tiles in chocolate form. First posted on Design*Sponge and you can buy at Mary and Matt.
Another friend MT who loves scrabble too gave me a lovely scrabble tile as a necklace for my birthday one year. I don't know where she got it but of course Etsy has something similar.

I also ran across these typeset resin necklaces from Anne Kiel that would be perfect for the February season. Found via Black*Eiffel.

Cuff links , typewriter key, and scrabble tile necklace (above) from Etsy shop The Empty Nest.

photo credit: Super scrabble TEB 12.27.07

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