Friday, March 28, 2008

Alaska: World Ice Art Championships

When people ask me when a good time is to visit Alaska, I always ask if they want to go during the summer or the winter. Each has their own special moments and it often seems as though you are visiting two different worlds depending on which season you hit. My first choice for a winter visit is the middle of March. One of the things that you can catch are the World Ice Art Championships.There are single block and multi block categories. Jonah (above) is a section of a multi block and the tear drop with faces was made from a single block. These just happen to be my viewer's choice picks. Alaska is know for having very clear ice that they harvest from a Fairbanks lake especially for the competition.

I helped my niece, MRC, pick her favorites and if she could she would have picked the ice slides. They actually are not part of the competition but just old-fashioned fun.

photo credit: TEB

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