Thursday, April 3, 2008

Alaska: Nanuq and Nanook

I went to college in my hometown. In some ways Fairbanks is the quintessential college town. Almost everyone who lives there knows and supports the University's sports teams collectively known as the Nanooks. Nanook means polar bear in Inuit, an Eskimo-Aleut language. While I was procrastinating the other night I found a fun brand homegrown in Anchorage called Nanuq of Alaska. Alaska and fashion are not often found in the same sentence, unless by fashion you mean Carhartts and Sorrels. I love the green, hand-knitted hat on model and owner Tanner Randall. If I was not allergic to wool, I would jump on ordering one of these today. Instead, the AK flag belt might end up on my wish list.

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