Tuesday, June 3, 2008

About Me: Eyewear

I have worn glasses ever since I was nine years old. I used to hate them in elementary and middle school. Then I was lucky enough to get hard contacts in high school. In combination with getting my braces off, this was a huge boost to my self-esteem. After 4 years of contacts those started to bother my eyes and I switched back to glasses. Now I love picking out new frame styles and I tried to think of my eyewear as an accessory. I am a little overdue for a few pair of frames. The whole defense thing put a lot of stuff on hold, e.g. biannual visits to the dentist. The options have been been narrowed down to one, the DKNY style #4549. The question now is, what color? My favorite is the green pair, but I love green so I cannot be trusted to make a good decision when that color is involved. The other options I like are the darker tortoise and the black. What do you think?

{side note} Normally, the process goes like this: I go pick out 3 frame options. Then I go back with LMD or RK who inevitably pick at least 6 other contenders, none of which I would have picked out for myself. RK, who does not like change, will most likely pick pairs that look like my current frames. We take pictures of me wearing each of the 10 options. Then a very large email is sent sent out to my friends and family who vote on their top three choices in rank order. This process works well because I have been saved from buy frames that look terrible on me. Most of the time I buy the pair that I originally loved. But it is always reassuring to have confirmation that I have picked a good pair of eyewear. They will be on my face for the next 1-2 years.

photo credit: DKNY #4549 from Lenscrafters


Donna said...

What colour did you pick? I just bought the dark tortoise shells, after returning a pair of glasses that got me a couple of, "Oh, those are different..." type responses from my friends. This is only my second pair of glasses though so I'm self conscious about all frames.

I love your shopping plan...I think I'll do that next time =)

Cayenne said...

Good question, Donna. The highest vote getter was the green pair but when I took back a few friends to see them in person, they immediately veto them. Why? The green was not dark enough so you could not tell they were green. I went with the black and I love them.

Cayenne said...

I used to buy whatever was cheapest but went through many pairs that were not flattering. I found that you have to pay attention to where your eye is centered in the frame - you want it in the middle.