Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Time: Limeade

When I am in Tulsa, Oklahoma the Sonic cherry limeade is the classic summer drink. I'm not going to Tulsa this year so I need a homemade substitute. We had a dozen or so limes and lemons left over from the amazing sangria we made for the 70s party. I juiced 12 limes and 3 small sweet myers lemons. I mixed water, sparkling water, and the juice in 1/3 proportions. I added stevia liquid to taste and some ice.

TEB thinks it is bitter but good. The bitterness he attributes to the stevia, a no calorie sweetener that is all natural and made from the stevia plant. He most definitely could be right but I don't mind the non-sugar taste one bit. I grew up on a strict no-refined-sugar diet so natural sugar substitutes taste quite normal to me. My mother often used maple sugar, molasses, stevia, or dates to sweet desserts. Maybe a compromise is in order - part real sugar and part stevia.

photo credit: limeade by floodkoff

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