Sunday, June 1, 2008

70s Party: Photobooth

I was inspired by Oh Happy Day's photobooth tradition to include both a thank you slide in my defense talk that was filled with photobooth photos and to have a photobooth corner set up at the post-defense 70s party.

For the thank you slide, I had my immediate family and close friends take sepia-toned pictures of themselves using the mac Photo Booth application (comes standard on all macs now). I did a test series of myself and found that low, adjustable lighting works best. I used those pictures, a free download from Sugar Plum Paperie, and photoshop to create the strip you see to the left.

Find a photobooth near you, by searching via zip code, using this website and check out Cindy Ferguson's photobooth invitation, found via Oh Happy Day. The photobooth idea clearly is pretty popular for weddings, as I found a few different versions on Snippet & Ink: indoors and outdoors. There is also this great idea for a guest book that features photobooth pictures, from With This Ring.

For the 70s post-defense party my friend DD painted a canvas based on the fabric I posted on the 70s inspiration page
here. TEB set up his camera on a tripod. I ordered fake mustaches and classic aviator glasses for guests to use at props. After a few sangrias people went wild and over 80 pictures were taken by the end of the night. I did not have to run around with a camera during my party and I still have very memorable pictures.

photo credit: Bob Dylan photobooth; self-portrait by CNC

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