Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jawbone: Hands Free in CA

Today the new hands-free law in CA is going to be reinforced. New York was way ahead of the game and has been doing this for years. I like the idea in principle but I am a little slow on the execution. I do most of my phone talking in the car and I don't have a hands-free headset. On my behalf, I did purchase the old jawbone a few months ago, tried it for two weeks, and then returned it when I realized they were coming out with an updated version. My basic complaint was that the volume did not go high enough to overcome the freeway driving noise. My other complaint is more about headsets in general; they are uncomfortable to wear when you also have to wear glasses. To much behind-the-ear action going on. I might stop by the apple store to pick up the new jawbone to do a direct comparison. I will either be sporting the new jawbone or eliminate phone talking entirely while in the car.

photo credit: Jawbone from here.

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