Monday, June 30, 2008

Fabric: Marimekko Mansikka Fabric

Remember the apple print from Sara Jessica Parker's kitchen...le mela by Enzo Mari. I love it but 250$ is WaY out of my price range. Consider these two options from Marimekko: mansikka the large print strawberries or appelsiini in orange. These are slightly different than the le mela poster by mari but I think they embrace 2 similar concepts - the super large print or pattern repeat and being in the red color family. I would take a yard of the fabric and staple it to a pre-stretched canvas. The price tag, less than 50$, on this DIY option is sounding really good to me right credit: mansikka fabric picture from Always Mod; appelsiini fabric picture from Repro Depot

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AlwaysMod said...

Thank you for the mention. Just thought I'd let you know that we're having a big Marimekko sale at - almost everything is on sale 20%+ off, including over 200 fabrics - now through July 15th.

The Appelsiini fabric (above) is also available as PVC-coated (oilcloth) which is great for a kitchen tablecloth.