Thursday, June 5, 2008

Little People: Being the FAVORITE Aunt

I am an aunt and I love it. Being an aunt means that I get to cook, create, and read with my niece when I am in Alaska. High on my list of goals is being the favorite aunt (not that I have any direct competition, but still...). One of my favorite blogs with stuff for little people is Design Mom. Design Mom has 5 kids of various ages and this is useful to keep updated on what kinds of presents to buy my niece and my friends' kids. Design Mom also has some great giveaways. All you have to do is making a comment on the appropriate blog post.

Another one of my favorite blogs is OH Happy Day and the author Jordan just had a baby. She has several baby related posts that have given me some gift ideas. See her favorite baby things here.

Want some tips on raising a green-baby, check out Sprig's interview with Melissa Moog.

photo credit: wooden saab roadster from Little Baby Company

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