Monday, July 28, 2008

Being Green: Commute by Bike

With the rising gas prices I am feel very fortunate that I am able to bike to work everyday. My commute is short and faster than driving because there is a bike rack directly outside my lab. I use my childhood Takara red, 10-speed bike. While it has been an excellent bike it is sorta falling into disrepair and I am at a crossroads as to what I should do. If I was handy and had the time I would like to rebuild it. But I don't think that is very feasible. For now I am going to get the gear shifter that broke a few months ago and give it a good cleaning. I love the classic bike pictured above and was happy to find the retro cruiser Schwinn bicycles, first seen on Frolic and originally posted as an editor's pick on Domino. See previous post on the Jorg & Olif bikes here.

photo credit:
Bike with Basket by ballycroy; Schwinn Coffee/Cream cruiser; Schwinn Sid/Nancy cruiser

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