Thursday, May 15, 2008

Being Green: Bike to Work

Friday, May 16th is Bike to Work day here in San Diego. Look here for pit stops that might be on your way to work and register to show your support for the event here. I bike to work most days not only because it is good for the environment but also because it would simply be ridiculous to drive my 10 minute door-to-door biking commute. I'll be honest though, if it is raining out, I drive. Conveniently, living in southern California means that driving because of rain only happens a few times a year. What kind of bike to I employ for my daily commute, you might be asking yourself. Well, it just so happens that I am still using my bike that I got when I was 11. Fortunately, or unfortunately was how I thought about it back then, I got my growth spurt early and was the same 5"4' then as I am now. My red 12-speed is holding up fine but I do dream about the J&O red scout bike that I would love to own for my daily commute.

original Jorg & Olif bike complete with wooden seat seen in a recent J. Crew catalog; Jorg & Olif dutch city Scout bike and basket from Scandinavian Details, inspired by Black Eiffel; bike to work image from Ridelink

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